Dr. Yaqoub Al Enezi, practitioner of Dentistry and former member of the Ministry of Health in Kuwait, and his highly experienced and skilled team at the J. Polyclinic can help you bring that smile to world.  If it is creating that perfect smile or just maintaining the smile you already have, Dr. Enezi can provide his patients with the required specialized care that can only be found at the J. Polyclinic.

Dr. Yaqoub Al Enezi

Founder , J.Polyclinic

Come Experience Luxuary

You are special

Away from all the Crowded streets, Located in Villa 2 of the luxurious Cliffs Tower in Salmiya

Surrounded by Luxury, Your visit will feel like a VIP from the beginning to the end.

Why Choose Us

The J. Polyclinic offers the most advanced procedures all centralized at a single location for the patient’s convenience and demand for privacy.

At the J. Polyclinic, a patient can expect the highest professionalism while cradling themselves and enveloping their senses in the luxuries of the most modern dentistry and specialized medical clinic in Kuwait.  Offering specialized care in Dental, Dermatology, Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, and Internal Medicine; Dr. Enezi and his team will create the once in a lifetime experience for your families Dental and medical needs.